I’ve dubbed this term to describe the fun/ stressful transition from fall to winter or Thanksgiving to Christmas that we are currently in. This week I took down all of my fall decorations with the exception of two wreaths on our porch. Did I have any intention of decorating for Christmas so everything doesn’t look so plain? Sure. Did I do it? Nope. My mind has been about 1,000 other places recently and instead of focusing my energy on one or two productive things, I’ve been sporadically getting little things done. Today for instance, I was making our menu for the week and getting my grocery cart filled up (I wish this post was sponsored by Walmart Grocery but it’s not and this is just an honest shout out to their grocery delivery – life changing y’all) and had to check the pantry for some ingredients we may have already had. Well, I checked and then organized THE ENTIRE PANTRY. I walked back in the living room where my laptop was patiently waiting and told my husband that I didn’t even know what happened. Lol Not the worst habit to develop. Anyways. Here’s some not necessarily fall decorating I got done this weekend. Coffee filter flowers for the win.

I hope y’all have an amazing week and enjoy your time with family, friends, yourself, dogs, etc. Happy Thanksgiving & Fa-la-la-la-all!

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