Chicken Run

Well the hubs is on a hunting trip out of state so it’s just been Duke and I holding down the fort this week. Luckily, we made some major improvements to our chicken operation before he left so it’s super manageable, even for me.

The girls were having way too easy of a time flying the coop, literally, despite wing clipping. So we finally made a run, roof and all. And as a result, our egg count has magically gone up. Meaning one of these days, we’ll find a hidden stash of hundreds of eggs somewhere in the barn.

Collecting the eggs has gotten much easier for me as well, thanks to the ingenious rig he set up before his trip. Now I don’t have to hold the extremely heavy lid made from 100 year old solid barn wood with one hand while trying not to drop the eggs with the other. Baler twine is the duct tape of the farm world, y’all.

I can’t wait for the ground to recover and get some green growing again. I might even plant some sunflowers along the run in the spring too, to give it some much needed color on that side of the barn. We’ll see! For now, we’re enjoying the perks, and the snow, in this season of life.

Happy Weekend!

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