MonthNovember 2019


I’ve dubbed this term to describe the fun/ stressful transition from fall to winter or Thanksgiving to Christmas that we are currently in. This week I took down all of my fall decorations with the exception of two wreaths on our porch. Did I have any intention of decorating for Christmas so everything doesn’t look so plain? Sure. Did I do it? Nope. My mind has been about 1,000 other places recently and instead of focusing my energy on one […]

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Sunday Sermon

On this icy Sunday with a million things on my to do list, there is always the sweet desire to be a mama in the back of my mind. While I try to not let it consume my thoughts, this time of the month is particularly tricky as the time to test will be coming up. Right in line with Thanksgiving, a bridal shower and my adorable nephews first birthday party (!). While I am so, so thankful and excited […]

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Chicken Run

Well the hubs is on a hunting trip out of state so it’s just been Duke and I holding down the fort this week. Luckily, we made some major improvements to our chicken operation before he left so it’s super manageable, even for me. The girls were having way too easy of a time flying the coop, literally, despite wing clipping. So we finally made a run, roof and all. And as a result, our egg count has magically gone […]

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