Discount Store(s) Haul

When the mood/inspiration strikes or when Facebook tells you a local discount store had a Sam’s Club home decor buy out, you take the better part of a morning and go get some goodies.

I was thrilled with this wreath for $9 and feel like it’s a much better fit for this large of a door and really goes with those ferns. The smaller green one pops with those flowers too. (The only living things on that porch are me and the ferns. Gotta love low maintenance. Talking about the ferns. lol)

This beautiful reminder was only $14 and takes up the large wall space in our upstairs hallway perfectly. I want to add pictures of our children but we’ll have to have some of those first. 😉

This gorgeous thing was only $12 and I have so many ideas for it that include food and then party favors and decorations… I’ll get my money’s worth by the end of the month.

I’m obsessed with pretty wreaths lately. This gal was $8. And fit perfectly in my tobacco basket. A nice, neutral touch to add to the dining room.

This was a Christmas gift that I’ve had things stacked in but kind of love it as a stand alone piece. So cute!

And this is just a nice reminder that I don’t kill every houseplant that enters my home. It’s making a come back! 🙂

As much as I love these updates, they won’t be there long. I’m currently sitting under a blanket, cuddling with my recovering pup, watching College Gameday with ALL the windows open because it feels so much like fall. I can smell the pumpkin spice coming soon…

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