MonthJuly 2019

Summer Night Cruise

So my husband bought a yellow Jeep Wrangler which was my dream car for most of middle school and into high school. This thing is from about that time ha It’s not brand new but serves it purpose as a farm vehicle and barely cost us anything. We took it for a cruise last night and I LOVED it. Windows down, radio up, there really isn’t anything better.

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Landscaping and Rock Wall

So here it is! Our new landscaping, complete with a rock retaining wall. I love it so much. The grass has finally started to come up so I felt like I could take some decent photos and the sunshine today agreed with me. The smaller plants are burning bushes and I cannot wait for them to fill out and change color in the fall and winter months. We still have some more ideas for the front of wall including more […]

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4th of July Decor

It’s “Bargain Weekend” in our little town which means yard sales galore. And sales at some of my favorite country decor stores. So I hit the road early this morning and snagged a couple of super cute accent pieces, then hit Wal-Mart (I know, the Saturday before a holiday week) and managed to get some flags for the 4th of July, which are showcased in our latest landscaping additions. (This isn’t all of them though – wait until you see […]

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