Pictures Ledges and Towel Hooks

There’s nothing like someone coming to stay at your home to light a fire under your you know what to finally tackle the hundreds of home projects you’ve been pinning for years, and years.

On my last shopping spree, I mentioned that I got some hooks at Hobby Lobby and a local antique shop for under $2 a piece and some lumber for a little project for under $8. Oh! And I got the last black solar powered barn light from Tractor Supply. So today, I got my husbands drill (finally), charged up some batteries and WENT TO WORK.

I made picture ledges! For under $4 a piece. Even after 3 coats of paint because I couldn’t find stain or a paint color I liked (it was all leftover so I didn’t have to buy any).
I could not be more pleased. They were so simple to throw together and even cheaper than Ikeas version (which I hung in the nursery today – keep scrolling).
The tutorial I used is linked here. We ended up using a nail gun to put them together and I screwed them to the wall. Nice and sturdy and so, so simple.
Here are the Ikea ledges mentioned earlier. I still love them and can’t wait to fill them up with books for future Baby Smith.
These are the towel hooks from Hobby Lobby. They’re crazy hefty but still beautiful.
These three are the ones I snagged from the local antique store. A little smaller but a bit more character too, and I love the color.
Good ole’ Tractor Supply, bringing the farmhouse charm to our old milk house.
I can’t wait to turn it on tonight!

It feels so nice to have all of those projects completed for my guests and to be able to enjoy after their stay.

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