Summer Decor

After a lovely weekend trip to my brothers house outside of Pittsburgh, I was feeling inspired to change up and add to some of our decor. So over the next week, I made trips to Ollie’s, Tractor Supply, some discount bulk stores, Ross, Sam’s Club, Home Depot and Hobby Lobby. And I didn’t spend more than $100. Total. Here’s what I got…

This adorable table top sign was on clearance at Tractor Supply. Had to have it.
These are two things I say often; “God is Good” and of course, “y’all”. So when I saw this sign 50% off at Hobby Lobby, I snagged it.
Yellow has always been my favorite color and this was a resell of a Home Goods find at a local antique store. The framed sign was a free Pinterest download, which I try to change out seasonally.
This beauty was $12 at Ollie’s. I’d been looking for a similar mirror for ages but didn’t want to spend upwards of $50. Love the gray too.
The vases in the sweet metal holder were on clearance at Hobby Lobby for just over $5. Was originally $24. And the flowers are coffee filters leftover from the convenience store.
I may do another post on those soon!
This candle smells divine and was a Christmas gift. I just removed the Christmas themed ribbon and made is acceptable for summer time. Or any time really.
These candle holders are ones that I’ve had but hadn’t hung up since we painted the bathroom. I also found $1 towel hooks that hang over the shower. I did, however, get some heavy duty antique looking hooks for around the same price at Hobby Lobby and will have to update when hubby gets them hung up (I don’t trust myself… and he has the drill in his truck).
The cute rug was on clearance at, wait for it, the Dollar General! It was under $3 and I just love it. Duke clearly does too.
This was a Sam’s Club find. On sale for $11 and it’s MEMORY FOAM. Doing the dishes has never been so comfy.
This was also a Sam’s Club find. I’d been eyeing it up for a while and finally grabbed it when I noticed they were getting low the other day. I have vintage towel hook for underneath, but again, don’t trust myself/have a drill.
This isn’t very exciting other than the fact that this is bath mat number three for the “boy” bathroom. This is in the laundry room where the boys, i.e. my husband and my dog get showers/rinse off immediately after being outside and getting filthy. So when this was under $4 at Ollie’s, I figured if it lasts the rest of the year, it’d be worth it.
When I saw this a Tractor Supply, on clearance, I HAD to get it. I hung in the husbands office for several reasons; the black lab is Duke, and he owns a water sport rental company, that also sells bait. I mean, perfect, right?
I knew I wanted a tripod lamp for the nursery by the crib (which is pretty much the last thing we need, and no, I’m still not pregnant yet). So when a local discount/bulk store had this one posted online for less than half of the WalMart price, I literally got there as they opened, and got the only one left. Phew. It has such a nice, soft glow, it’s perfection.
I also got this for the nursery. Found it at a local antique place. And while it’s obviously not an antique, I love the handles and plan of putting swaddles in it. For only $5 too.
These lamps and shades were an Ollie’s find. I love how stately they are. I still need something for over the headboard but these will do for now.
I moved our old lamps to the guest room and made a wifi password sign for the nightstand.
And these are a sneak peak to a project that is currently in the works that I went to Home Depot for and I cannot wait to share! The sign in the middle was a gift from the husband when we first began dating. Almost nine years ago. (Holy cow). And the other two were clearance finds from Hobby Lobby; the canvas was $2 and the wooden sign was $3. LOVE. That place.

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